Religious Views on Gambling

The relationship between religion and gambling is very complicated. Most of religion consider gambling as a sin. Although some faiths support gambling, the major religions are against gambling. Let’s learn about the views of various religions on gambling.

Christianity and Gambling

Around 2.4 billion people practice Christianity all over the world. The basis of Christianity is on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The mention of gambling is not in the Bible. But still, the early church council prohibited gambling as it leads to greed. The new reformed Roman Catholic Church does not consider gambling a sin unless it becomes addictive. They even raise money for charity using forms of gambling like lotteries and Bingo. The Protestant and Orthodox Church does not support gambling.

Islam and Gambling

Islam is the second-largest religion, with over 1.9 billion followers. They believe in One God, and that Prophet Mohammad S.A.W is his messenger. Moreover, Islam has always been clear with its views against Gambling. It is considered “Haram” unlawful in Islam and is a punishable offense. Most of the Islamic Countries have put a ban on gambling.

Judaism and Gambling

Judaism believes in One God and follows the teachings of the Torah (Holy Book of Jews). It is a very ancient religion. Early Jews had strict laws against gambling. In addition, it is forbidden to gamble due to its addictive nature. It led to social and moral decay. However, during the Hanukah celebration, they play “dreidel,” a game that involves gambling. As Christians, they use a game of chance like raffles to collect money for charity. 

Hinduism and Gambling

It is the third-largest religion. One of the earliest faiths of the world in Hinduism. It is a wide branch and consists of many other religions. It has dual views on gambling. Ancient Hindu poem like Mahabharata shows that gambling was an enjoyable sport. However, Arthashastraand Manusmriti lists gambling as a major sin. In addition, they consider their profit and loss from gambling as Karma. People have been practicing gambling in India, but the religious authorities do not permit it.

Buddhism and Gambling

Buddhism is a religion founded by Gautama Buddha. It is based on 5 major principles, and none of them condemn Gambling. However, Buddha himself prohibits gambling. There are 3 types of gambling in Buddhism i.e. recreational, habitual, and addictive. Recreational and habitual gambling done for fun is allowed, while addictive gambling is prohibited.

In conclusion, these are some religious views on gambling. Therefore, while some support small forms of gambling, some complete condemn it.

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