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Everything you should know about the poker first deposit bonus

Here are the fundamental facts about Online Poker first deposit bonuses. Learn the most important things you should know about this casino promotion.

Today’s bookmakers that offer a poker room (or more, including tournaments or maybe, even live video poker alternative) provide a certain bonus system. Usually, the types of the promotions depend on the gambling company’s policy regarding the budget of funds the company is ready to give up from in the sake of making the customers happy. After all, the happier the Online Poker player is the more positive feedback the casino will get. And by all means, punters usually get excited mostly about the betting houses’ first deposit bonus.

Our material today is fully dedicated to this specific type of a bonus. As a matter of fact, it’s not so special, but on the contrary – a very common special offer in the casinos (not only online gambling websites, but the physical casinos also have such promotional programs sometimes). Here is everything you should know about the poker first deposit bonus:

  • 95% of today’s casino providers have a type of a first deposit bonus. The other 5% of the big number of online gambling platform either have some other welcome offers, or don’t make any gifts to the newly registered customers. The last casinos usually fail in keeping the customers happy.
  • Not all welcome bonuses are first deposit bonuses. Although they are a few there are bonuses after a complete registration, which don’t depend on the initial deposit amount. Usually, these welcome bonuses represent sets of free spins on slots or something else. In all cases, even if it’s not a deposit bonus, any welcome bonus is appreciated by the punters. These promotions are also called welcome no deposit bonuses.
  • The betting companies use first deposit bonuses to attract new customers. There’s nothing bad for an Online Poker company to use this strategy to gain a bigger market share. What’s bad, though, is for a player to make a choice for a new bookmaker only by considering this special offer. There are many other important factors that should be analyzed before making a registration in a new poker website – like the number of poker rooms, the availability of tournaments, the types of poker formats listed in the casino section, the lack of a license and the company’s reputation.
  • The first deposit bonus varies depending on two things. First of all, the bookmakers individually select the % of the deposit they are ready to extra credit to the punter’s account balance. Second of all, the bonus amount depends on what you will invest for the first time in a bookie. The more you deposit for the first time, the more you will get. Attention: most companies have limits for the maximum deposit bonus amount, so don’t exceed this amount in your selection for a concrete sum of money to initially transfer to your playing account.

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