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Knowing when to fold in a poker game – tips and tricks

See a strategy that can teach you when to fold after login poker99. Discover our guide for folding in poker games.

Folding is one of the main actions in a poker cash game or a poker tournament. You can fold in all poker formats, including the most popular ones such as Stud poker, Omaha, Texas Hold Em poker, etc. Folding is an essential action in this card game, but unfortunately many gamblers underestimate it, while others don’t appreciate it enough.

As a matter of fact, to fold does not mean quitting. When you login poker99 website you can play as long as you want by folding over and over again at a table and in the end to get the entire pot. Folding is actually one of the most significant actions in the game. Any poker pro will tell you one secret truth about the game related with folding: to fold is better than to check or to call.

Folding means you can understand the actual potential of the risk – how profitable it is and can you actually afford it. Folding is the better options in many cases, especially if you are about to bluff in the game. But do we know when to fold? How to understand if this is the right moment to fold. Find out now in the following list with tips and tricks about folding in a poker game:

  1. If you preflop hand is a total disaster, just fold. You don’t bluff now. You don’t call for no reason. And you don’t check just to see what’s going to happen. What will happen is a loss. Credited in your account balance.
  2. If the player is priced out of his or her draw then folding might be the most reasonable decision to make. By all means, this sounds logical and adequate. And you agree that in these situations you should fold. Why don’t you then?
  3. Your cards are less valuable than the nuts and you play against extremely tight players. Of course, it takes to know how to read your opponents, so probably this tip is for the more experienced players. When you advance in this skill, on mandatory fold if such a situation occurs to you.
  4. When you play against opponents who are obviously better than you and close to be called pros, while meanwhile the last couple of hands were yours, stop for a while to fold. This is not a bluff. This is a manipulation you will use to calm the rest of the players – mainly the best ones – and to give them a false priority to stick to and remain in the game, so you can get their money.

These four situations are great to fold. However, they are not the only ways you can understand it’s time for a fold. Every time you feel unsecured with your hand and the rest of the players seem to be extra secured, better fold.

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