Gambling Legal or Illegal

Whenever we want to get quick money, gambling is one of the thoughts which clicks our mind first then. People think that it’s a method which can be used by one to get money and that us too very easily. If you also think the same so let me stop you thinking so.  It’s not always available for everyone and winning is not always so easy sometimes.

What gambling is?

It’s a platform for people who want to get quick money. In gambling, people have to wager some cash, goods or digital money depending on the format of the sport or game. It is categorized broadly on two types, first one where just use depend on your luck and second where your knowledge about the sport or game for which you are gambling also plays a key role.

Gambling legal or illegal

It’s a very interesting question to ask and to know the correct answer. Gambling is neither banned nor allowed in the world completely. In  Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and many other countries gambling is not allowed but   Las Vegas, Macau, Germany, Nevada, Louisiana are some of the places where gambling is legalized.

In US gambling is legalized all over in every state accept Utah and Hawaii.  These two states of the US have strict ban and rules against gambling but in it other states of the US you can enjoy gambling whenever you want. Las Vegas is very famous for its casinos.  It is also known as the Capital of gambling and casino in the world. Some Biggest and most popular casino hubs are found in this city alone.

Gambling in India

Different states of India have a different view of gambling. Some of them like Goa and Sikkim legalized the casino and lottery gambling whereas other states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh are not offering to gamble and have strict rules against it.  Gambling and betting on Horse racing are permitted in Maharashtra.

Gambling actually depends on the state decides whether to allow or ban gambling in the state.   Goa which is a great hub for casinos in India has two types of gambling spots. One spot is land-based and another spot is cruise based. According to one report, Goa state gov gave a revenue tax of 135 crore rupees in 2013.  Though in many places gambling is not allowed, most of the people gamble either live or online through. It was also heard once that gov is going to legalize gambling in the country.


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