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Gambling and Cricket: How both are related

Everyone in this world wants to earn more and more money. There are many ways to make money by doing jobs, providing some services, doing business, etc.  These days’ people do after one more way of getting fast money is by gambling.

What is gambling?

Gambling is a type of process in which we wager some money or goods against the winning of some game, sports, bet, etc. In gambling winning or losing the money is equally probable depending on the type of game or sport we are gambling on.


There are many sports that involve legal or illegal or gambling. Cricket is one of those sports.  This sport is quite popular in India, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. In India, people bet on this game a lot. There are many formats of cricket like one day international, 20-20 cricket, IPL, domestic cricket, etc. In all such formats betting or gambling is done by many people but the most popular one for gambling or betting is IPL doing with the ODI world cup and 20-20 world cup.


IPL is played every year and last foot one or more than one month. 7 to 8 domestic teams from India with the name of some Indian states generally play in this game. For every team, players are bought internationally which means cricketers from many countries take part in this game. What makes this game format most popular is that it the foreign cricketers and the same Indian or other countries cricketers play against the player of their own country cricketer depending on which team buys them. A lot of fours and sixes is also the main attraction of this format which makes the gambler more I interested to bet in this format.

People bet for the winning of a particular team. In also applied not just on winning the particular team but also on making a century, fifty by the batsmen.  How many wickets the specified balled will take or how many sixes or fours will the particular batsman or bowler hits also come under betting. People do not leave even the single bowl and they also predict what will happen in the next ball four, six, one, two or wicket and have a chance to win.

Both offline and online

Cricket betting is so popular in India that not just offline but it also started taking place online. There are many sites and apps through which one can do gamble.


At last, I would like to say that before going for any of these be sure you have sufficient knowledge of cricket and its players. Most importantly don’t be sick of it and play it when you have extra money and don’t put your hard-earned money all the time if you are not a skilled one in this game prediction.

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