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The craziest sport types you didn’t even know you can bet on

Check out the most weird sport types that are listed next to soccer in Judi Bola. Read to get to know to some absolutely new disciplines.

Apart from Judi Bola, today’s bookmakers have quite a lot of offers for all betting lovers. The market is full of sport disciplines you can choose from. And even though football has been indeed one of the most preferred sport types ever, you will not deny that tennis, basketball or baseball bets are not excited, too. Moreover – let’s not forget that the first gambling discipline in the world is actually horse racing…

But betting on hounds or making real-money suggestions on who’s going to be the next chess champion in the world is not as weird as what we are about to show you. It’s a list with the craziest sport types you didn’t even know you can place bets on:

  • Arm wrestling. Yes, that’s a sport discipline and you can make predictions to get some cash from its players. Even though most of you will say it’s a gym exercise, some people have decided that arm wrestling deserves to be proclaimed as a real sport and exotic bookmakers have even bet markets for it.
  • Bandy. You will say this s hockey, but it’s not. Actually, you will not be mocked at if you mix these two sport disciplines. However, unlike hockey, bandy is actually football. It’s just played on an iced field.
  • Harness racing. This sport type is like a joke to the serious horse races, but actually many pros in the field have already tried it and claim to like the outcome of their bets on this discipline. Harness racing requires from the jockey to ride in a two-wheeled wagon behind the horse rather than on its back.
  • Quidditch. Yes, dear Harry Potter series lovers, you are not dreaming. It’s for real. And there’s even a league of dozens of Quidditch teams that has been active since 2010th year.
  • Curling. To tell you the truth, during the Olympics specialists claim to register at least 100 people from all over the world who discovers this sport discipline. But what we want you to know is that this discipline is actually listed in many betting houses.
  • Cornhole. Not just weird, it’s also one of the simplest sport types ever. Of course, don’t expect for your betting activity in this thing to be that easy, too. By the way, in Cornhole the main goal is to throw bags of corn kernels at specially tailored holes within a couple of dummy boards. It’s a team sport type.
  • Jai alai. On the contrary, this is the fastest sport in the world and it involves dangerous speeds. Although many countries have forbidden it, Jai alai is still practices. By the way, the main purpose of this practice is to satisfy the gambling audience.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors. Do we have to explain it? We, though, own you an explanation how come this thing is a sport discipline. You know that in Asian Judi Bola websites everything is exotic. And during a virtual walk in such a betting platform, it’s very possible to see even live streams of female Rock, Paper, Scissors games.

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