Some Very Interesting Facts about Gambling

Gambling is famous all over the world. It is estimated that the turnover of gambling is around 400 billion per year. Let’s know some more interesting facts about it.

#1 In Japan gambling in cash is illegal tests why people their gambles in balls and win prizes and tokens. These prizes and tons then encased at any some places outside the gambling area.

#2 In Australia, a syndicate purchased all the probable combinations tickets of the lottery in Virginia whose cost came about $5 million and they won the lottery of $27 million. In this way, they converted $5 million to $27 million.

#3 According to one research it was found that among all the people Australians are most unlucky. Do you know why they are the most unlucky people in the world? It is so because they lose more money than any other people in the world.

#4 Monte Carlo is a renowned casino in the world. It is situated in Monaco the 2nd smallest city in the world. This casino provides a huge revenue to its country but still, then the citizens of this country are not allowed to gamble in this casino. It is only for foreigners and not for the people of their own country.

#5 Do you know which game is considered as the oldest casino game in the world. It is none other than the roulette. This casino game is also very famous as Devils game as the total sum of all the numbers in the wheel is 666 which was considered as a number for the beast.

#6 The four kings of four different suits of a deck represent four great kings of the past. The king of spade represents the king David, King of the heart represents the king Charlemagne, King of the diamond represents Julius Caesar and the king of the club represents Alexander the Great.

#7 The only modern head of is Robert Mugabe, who was the president of Zimbabwe.  He won the lottery of winning the amount of 100000 Zimbabwean dollars in the year 2000.

#8 Many people still think that Las Vegas is the largest gambling center in the world. If you also think the same so let me correct you that it is Macau gambling center in the world and it is situated in China and this is the only place in China where gambling is allowed. Las Vegas is the largest gambling center in the US only.

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